Thesis: PLEAT

Various Pleat Patterns

Project Proposal: Interactive Public Plaza, Century City, Los Angeles


Aerial View


What is a Pleat? with Pleat variations

Opening and Closing of Pleat


The Fashion industry and architecture have long been parallel practices dealing with outer surface and inner structure, both being influenced with the outer surface and inner structure, both being influenced by the environment and culture.

Techniques used in the apparel industry such as draping, folding, pleating, weaving, cutting can also be applied to the field of architecture, for their technological and performance aspects, as well as for its aesthetic value.

This thesis is to explore one such technique, “Pleating” that can be used for addressing current issues of performance in building envelope. These issues ranging from the technical aspect of structure, porosity and materiality, to function, form and sustainability. It is also to experiment how the technique can be used for building envelope ornamentation and that the “affect” can be functional at the same time.

“Folding” emerged as an architectural discourse aspiring to become the new architecture at the end of the 20th century. Given the fact that today’s architects have been educated on the foundation of the “The Fold” I propose “ Pleating” a subordinate of Folding as a more rigorous and innovative performance for building envelope.